What I do

I design and build mobile, responsive and desktop applications.

Specializing in designing user-centric experiences, simplified navigation concepts and componetized layouts, my preffered methodology is to rapidly prototype for mobile, desktop or responsive applications, enabling the team to gather enough testing data to prove out the hypothesis and reiterate where neccesary, all the while perfecting the design and content to achieve greater margins of success.

The Javascript stack is where I maily find myself working mostly these days, whether it be rapidly iterating through fully-functional prototypes or building out and testing large-scale front-end applications, whether it be using React, Angular or Polymer. My preferred approach is using automated build tools like Gulp in conjuction with Postcss for many applications, like this website, and while agnostic in regards to CSS variants and frameworks, I can easily implement solutions using Bootstrap, Foundation or other frameworks, including home-grown solutions.

In the past I have worked as a consultant with firms in the educational, financial and pharmaceutical industries such as Cengage Learning, Fidelity Management & Resource Company, State Street Global Advisors, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and ADQSR. Outside of large firms, I have also worked with startup ventures like Rapid7, MallNetworks, Wis.dm and Gobi.com.

Recent Work



Cengage Learning: Student Portal

MyCengage was a front-end implemetation project based on an existing design to allow for students to easily purchase the appropriate material for their courses along with supplemental product bundles that were not easily available in the Cengage's system. The html and css were implemented in components to allow for easy implementation and reusability.

The prototype and its associated code can be viewed at https://github.com/jayfallon/mycengage.

Cengage Learning: Component Examples & Documentation

Cengage Magma was the name chosen for Cengage's internal implementation of the Bootstrap CSS framework that enables designers and developers to use and implement both the organization's visual langage and standard code components across multiple projects without the need to reinvent or improvise upon the established standards. This website was created in an effort to provide product and development teams with style and code examples beyond those found in a customized Bootstrap implementation.

The application and its associated code can be viewed at https://github.com/jayfallon/magma-website.

Cengage Learning: Framework Documentation

Magma is Cengage's implementation of the Bootstrap CSS framework, which was chosen due to it's short learning curve, large user base and ease of integration into both existing and new applications. Magma was created in an effort to standardize Cengage's approach to component design while facilitating development, implementation and testing.

The application and its associated code can be viewed at https://github.com/jayfallon/magma-framework.

Cengage Learning: 4LTR Press Online Learning

4LTR Press Online is a Cengage product for students who are looking for a high-value, low-cost solution. While utilizing Cengage's core licensed content, it is an entirely separate solution managed and developed outside of the company's traditional workflow. My responsibilities included extensive development to the existing codebase along with providing design solutions and implementation for multiple components for the platform.

More information about 4LTR Press Online can be found at http://solutions.cengage.com/4LTR-Press/.

Cengage Learning: MindTap 3, 4 and 5

MindTap is a personal learning environment that contains Activities (Readings, Assignments, Apps) that instructors and students use in a course. As a platform, it enables instructors to add activites for students in both a reading and homework environment along with associated data, grading and behavior tracking applications as add-ons. My responsibilities for MindTap 3 was bug-fixing while converting the platform's code from JavaScriptMVC to Angular. For MindTap versions 4 and 5, I worked alongside various design and development teams to ensure html, css and functionality stardards were followed and implemented.

More information about Cengage MindTap can be found at https://www.cengage.com/services/product/mindtap.

Past Work


Fiftythree: Support Website

I helped Fiftythree rebuild and transform their existing support website by architecting a framework coupled with workflows that would allow non-technical support team members to update and deploy content without the aid of content management systems or blogging frameworks.

More information about Fiftythree's Support website can be found at https://support.fiftythree.com/hc/en-us.

MineralTree: Payments Dashboard

Coming onto the project during a critical phase, I worked alongside the design and product team to update, rework and create dashboard views for integration in a JSF platform while providing user experience guidance and consultation.

More information about MineralTree can be found at https://www.mineraltree.com/.

Rapid7: Razor/UserInsight

I worked together with the product and engineering teams to bring about a simpler and more concise user experience, providing working prototypes, wireframes and analysis. Conceptualized with a working title of Razor, the product would later be released as UserInsight, gathering data on butt service usage from within client organizations.

A prototype of my work for Rapid7 can be found at https://github.com/jayfallon/spalding.

Style Me Pretty: Complete UX Redesign

Working alongside Style Me Pretty's ownership, design, engineering and customer service teams, I helped craft a solution that would transform the company's website from a static offering to a more interactive and responsive approach.

More information about Style Me Pretty can be found at http://www.stylemepretty.com/.

The Ring Boxing Club: New Design Implementation

Given a finalized visual design, I developed the website using the Radiant CMS, extending basic functionality with jQuery to enable customer engagement with free trials and class appointments.

More information about The Ring Boxing Club can be found at http://www.ringboxingclub.com/club.