Lesson Center: Combined Reports

Lesson Center was a $2M pilot project developed by Cengage Learning for Arizona State University where the instructors would be able to take a real-time measurement of how well their students were mastering the materials presented to them in a course.

Preliminary wireframes had been delivered to the development team, however they neither reflected the design constraints of the pilot implementation nor were they complete given the product development that had occurred between the time of the wireframe delivery and the start of implementation.

Original Wireframes

Original wireframes provided resembled the above.

In the case of the combined reports portion of the project, I had to represent a particular student's mastery of the learning objectives versus the weighted average of the class the student was in. The solution was to provide easy-to-read summaries at the top of the module, coupled with a time-sensitive chart and a collapsed data table that would allow for a more granular approach to the individual learning objectives. This view was provided to both instructors and students.

The nine wireframes provided in the attached example would represent one half day's work, with subsequent modifications provided to the product team by the end of the same day.