MindTap Redesign: Google & Kaltura

During my tenure at Cengage Learning, there was a large effort underway to redesign their MindTap platform and bring it closer to both a modern look and feel as well as functionality. As part of that effort, I was assigned the task of providing wireframes and variations thereof as an example of what could be possible withing the constraints of the existing design and functionality as well as those constraints imposed by third-party applications and ongoing design/implementation decisions.

Kaltura is video platform which had been integrated into MindTap that would facilitate the sharing of videotaped lessons and content between instructors and students. The UI at the time was dated and there was interest in combining the interface for Kaltura's video in a module alongside access to an instructor's shared folders on Google Drive and how that functionality would develop with the many new options available.

My goal was to provide an example workflow of how both platforms could be integrated side-by-side in one module, with room for additional platform integration, while retaining a similar interface to that found on the publicly available and well-known Google Drive versus a relatively unkown Kaltura interface.