MindTap Redesign: System Check

During my tenure at Cengage Learning, there was a large effort underway to redesign their MindTap platform and bring it closer to both a modern look and feel as well as functionality. As part of that effort, I was assigned the task of providing wireframes and variations thereof as an example of what could be possible withing the constraints of the existing design and functionality as well as those constraints imposed by third-party applications and ongoing design/implementation decisions.

In the case of MindTap's system check module, the solution was to provide the user with a clear and simple understanding of the results of their system check along with the appropriate action a user could take in order to pass all checks and be able to use the MindTap platform to its fullest extent. The main constraint imposed was the use of Polymer-styled show-hide elements which can easily be implemented and require minimal effort on a project of this size.