My name is Jay Fallon and I design & develop for the web. That's pretty much what is says on the tin. I've been a contractor, consultant, freelancer, full-timer and coffee fetchman throughout my career and I don't have any plans to change what I do or the medium I work in. I design and write code every day, something that still stimulates the inner creativity and lets my imagination wander.

Being both a designer and developer, I'm constantly seeking out new tools and processes to streamline my workflow because while I love what I do, there's no need to duplicate the effort. My current workflow consists mainly of paper design, followed by Sketch and then right into code once I have a rough/decent/great feel for what we're going to be building. Unless you want a bundle of non-production deliverables because I can do that as well.

Do you need a design system? I can do that for you.

I don't buy into left/right brain theories but because this is a portfolio and you're judging me on some level of fit with your environment, I'll state that I can work with the latest Adobe Creative suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effect, Audition), JavaScript, CSS, HTML, React (React, React Native, Next.js, Gatsby.js), Node/Express, JSX, Jade/Pug, PostCSS, Sass/Scss, LESS, Stylus, Git, responsive design, Python, Ruby/Rails (I'll charge 2X for Rails, seriously) Sketch, InVision and a host of other stuff I've probably forgotten. I also know how to move the cards from left to right on an Agile board.

I live in beautiful Boston, Massachusetts but I don't watch much of the sports. I don't even own a TV. I'd rather travel and eat food.