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Depiction of LookupTV

A very basic app that utilizes the TVMAZE API to look up TV shows and display a list of results, some of which may not be exactly what you're looking for but interesting nonetheless for discovery purposes.

The site was built using Node.js and Angular.js and uses the RxJS library to display results. It is part of my experimentation with the CSS Grid displaying data in a card-based format for responsive websites.

Promotions Dashboard

Depiction of the Promotions dashboard piece

This is a classic example of what I would present at the end of a day's work that would include basic conceptualization and sketching with the client followed up with a functional yet static prototype of a feature set. In this case it's a component that enables a user to set a promotion on a product based on time, pricing and available stock.

This particular prototype was built using vanilla Javascript and CSS with nothing fancier than localStorage. This was a second prototype based on the same requirements yet with some minor changes to the interface and a some code re-write.

Brady vs. World

Depiction of Brady versus World dot com

Completed in record time and launched three hours prior to Super Bowl LII, this site takes a serious look at displaying data in card-like format with the CSS Grid Layout Module. The intent is to consolidate relevant data into an easily consumed format that can late be used for a gateway into extended data displays, comparisons and other visualizations not restricted by a tabular format.

The site was built using Node.js and Express.js. It includes an authentication-based back-end UI for data entry and a simplified, publicly available front-end version. Tom Brady has probably not seen this website.

Haymarket Superette

Depiction of Brady versus World dot com

A small experiment using Next.js to query the Coindesk API and retrieve real-time cryptocurrency price quotes. There isn't much to it, but a roadmap would include displaying historical data for both Bitcoin and other currencies using my soon-to-be perfected data card format.


Depiction of Brady versus World dot com

A somewhat* useful single-serving app to retrieve relevant data from a particular GitHub user's account. It's not very smart and it requires to know the user's name in advance, but it's simple and quick, avoiding all the cruft you'd get from GitHub. I have some great ideas for this app. Built using Next.js and the GitHub API.

* That's in the eye of the beholder.


Depiction of Brady versus World dot com

Originally conceived as a bot responder, the Regurgimatator will take your original text and translate it sequentially into five different languages before returning it to you in the orginal language. It can be fun, it can frustrating.

Purposely designed with very little in the way of beauty, this beast in written in vanilla Javascript making use of the Google Translate API. Needless to say I got a lot of spaghetti sauce on my code and maybe I'll rewrite it or something. Some day.

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Cengage Learning: Student Portal

Depiction of Brady versus World dot com

MyCengage was a front-end implementation project based on an existing design to allow for students to easily purchase the appropriate material for their courses along with supplemental product bundles that were not easily available in the Cengage's system. The html and css were implemented in components to allow for easy implementation and reusability.

Cengage Learning: 4LTR Press Online Learning

Depiction of Brady versus World dot com

4LTR Press Online is a Cengage product for students who are looking for a high-value, low-cost solution. While utilizing Cengage's core licensed content, it is an entirely separate solution managed and developed outside of the company's traditional workflow. My responsibilities included extensive development to the existing codebase along with providing design solutions and implementation for multiple components for the platform.

Cengage Learning: MindTap

Depiction of Brady versus World dot com

MindTap is a personal learning environment that contains Activities (Readings, Assignments, Apps) that instructors and students use in a course. As a platform, it enables instructors to add activites for students in both a reading and homework environment along with associated data, grading and behavior tracking applications as add-ons. My responsibilities for MindTap 3 was bug-fixing while converting the platform's code from JavaScriptMVC to Angular. For MindTap versions 4 and 5, I worked alongside various design and development teams to ensure html, css and functionality standards were followed and implemented.

Fiftythree: Support Website

Depiction of Brady versus World dot com

I helped Fiftythree rebuild and transform their existing support website by architecting a framework coupled with workflows that would allow non-technical support team members to update and deploy content without the aid of content management systems or blogging frameworks.

MineralTree: Payments Dashboard

Depiction of Brady versus World dot com

Coming onto the project during a critical phase, I worked alongside the design and product team to update, rework and create dashboard views for integration in a JSF platform while providing user experience guidance and consultation.

Style Me Pretty: Complete UX Redesign

Depiction of Brady versus World dot com

Working alongside Style Me Pretty's ownership, design, engineering and customer service teams, I helped craft a solution that would transform the company's website from a static offering to a more interactive and responsive approach.

The Ring Boxing Club: New Design Implementation

Depiction of Brady versus World dot com

Given a finalized visual design, I developed the website using the Radiant CMS, extending basic functionality with jQuery to enable customer engagement with free trials and class appointments.